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International estate agents

International estate agents

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Know about the different types of lawyers

Lawyers are people who offer legal advice to those who require it. Before a lawyer becomes one and starts to work, he or she has to complete 7 years of education, achieve several degrees and get different and specific areas of specialization.

To hire a specialized lawyer for the case you are handling is a favorable asset; lawyers are specialized in different areas of law, there are real estate lawyers, immigration lawyers, family lawyers, and so on. Read along and you will find out about the different types of attorneys there are.

Criminal law

Lawyers who work in criminal law defend or accuse people who have presumably broken the law.

Enterprise law and commercial trades

Lawyers who work in this area, can advise their clients about how to start or maintain a business and helps with commercial trades or disputes, possible law sues and other important matters of a company. They usually work with bigger companies.


Those who specialize in this area of law, advice people involved in processes of immigration and citizenship.

There are along the web several services of immigration lawyers. This due to the distance there might be between the client and lawyer because of the nature of this kind of law. It is better to work through the internet.

This kind of attorneys can also help with the relocation of people, for instance helping them find a job or getting a place to live.

Domestic relationships

In this area, the specialized attorneys can work with divorces, custody of minors and other family affairs.

Real estate

Real estate lawyers are those who work in real estate help with the properties development, relocation, rent, purchase or sell of real estate.

If you are looking for a lawyer, then the previous information will help you choose the one that specializes in the area in which you need professional help.

Even when you find in this article the type of lawyer that you need, this list is not complete, there is a wide range of areas of expertise with many qualified lawyers, like environmental attorneys, civil rights attorneys among others. The important thing is that you look for as much information as you can to find the perfect lawyer.


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